June 26th, 2024:  Now I would like to talk about what I experienced that urged me on to help others who are similarly challenged by hearing loss.  As you know from reading prior pages, my hearing aids are equipped with the T-Coil option.  The challenge then became determining what venues offer the room loop or the lanyard enabled radio frequency device for those of us who are hard of hearing.  My first experience was at the church that I attend.  There were listening devices with the ‘D’ ear piece placed where you could pick one up as you entered the church.  The bulletin stated that the facility was enabled for T-Coil hearing aids.  With the help of a fellow parishioner we found the lanyard devices in one of the drawers.  The first time I wore it and turned on my T-Coil option the clarity improvement over the ‘D’ ear piece was astounding.  I was hooked!  I have had 3 other instances at venues where I have had to ask staff to look a little harder for the T-Coil lanyard for their radio receivers and darned if they didn’t have them!  Also, interestingly enough, when I went to our local movie theater and pressed them about assistive listening devices I was told by a management team member that I was the first to ask.  He then proceeded to provide such a device from their supply cabinet.  Previously they had provided a “closed caption” device that you placed in your cup holder.  Those don’t work well for me for a couple of different reason, but, mostly because they make me dizzy looking back and forth at the device and then the screen.


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