June 27, 2024 – Below are links to other helpful web sites for those of us who are hearing impaired:

https://www.hearingloop.org/ – The Center for Hearing Access at The Shedd Institute. This web site is full of good information for those of us who are hearing challenged.  Though it’s main focus is about hearing loops and T-Coils it describes our challenges in several different ways.   I would strongly suggest you take time to review every page that it offers!

https://www.hearingloss.org/ – Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA).  This is the web site for the HLAA national organization.  Currently the Omaha chapter is inactive.  Please take a moment to learn about the organization and about it’s stated mission.

https://hearinglosshelp.com/ – Center for Hearing Loss Help.  This is another great resource for learning about our hearing loss and things that can be done to help.

www.hasloops.com – Sheryl Butler assisted listening provider located in Southwest Iowa.  As information, she is a strong advocate for those of us who have hearing loss.



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