June 25, 2024:  Thanks to programs at the VA, I have been blessed with several upgrades over the years.  Besides the repetitive reprogramming to meet my hearing loss, there were three changes that I most appreciated.  First was being able to link my cell phone directly to my hearing aids no longer requiring a separate device to make this happen.  Second was having rechargeable hearing aids eliminating the battery changing.  This also eliminated the situation where my hearing aids would go dead due to moisture from sweating.  The third major improvement was when I received my “Roger On” device.  This device connects wirelessly to my hearing aids and functions as a microphone to “boost” the sound.   It is designed for use in multiple situations.  It can be laid on a table top during meetings or at restaurants, worn with a lanyard by individuals  (speakers at events or family members while traveling, etc.), or linked via a cable to the TV so that I can control my sound totally separate from the audio output from the TV’s speakers.   As time moved along I became more and more “in tune” with my hearing aids and started trying to understand their capabilities more completely.

At this point I would like to mention that my hearing aids are T-Coil enabled.  The reason this is important is that a lot of public venues use T-Loops or T-Coil enables radio frequency equipment to meet ADA compliancy regulations for hearing loss requirements.  Please click on the page entitled “Layman explanation of T-Coils”.


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